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Will Your Dishwasher Start A Fire In Your Home?

Do you have a deadly dishwasher in your home? Do you know if it’s included in the over half-a-million dishwashers that have been recalled in the U.S. and Canada over the last two years because they’re a fire hazard? You’re not alone; most people don’t register their appliances and so haven’t been notified. The new service…

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Free Pre-Listing Home Inspections

It might not surprise you to hear that I have many friends in real estate; it’s the crowd that I travel with these days. Whether personally or professionally I meet new agents every week. Most are working extremely hard for their clients whether they’re listing a house for sale or trying to find their buyer’s…

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Home Maintenance and Inspection Plan for Homeowners

For most people their home is their most valuable asset. It’s also where families are raised and memories made. Most cars, on the other hand, are terrible investments. They’re an expensive item that begins to depreciate the moment we purchase them. Yet most cars are taken to the shop every five thousand miles to get…

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