Buyer of houseBuyer of condoSeller of house
Pre-Listing Inspection
Seller of condo
Pre-listing inspection
New construction
warranty inspection
at the 11th month
Premium home inspection YesYesYesYesYes
Infrared scan, inside and out YesYesYesYes (inside only)Yes
5 Year Platinum Roof Protection YesYes (transferrable to buyer)Yes
Visual mold screening YesYesYesYesYes
Homeowners Resource Membership YesYesYes ( transferrable to buyer)Yes (transferrable to buyer)Yes
MoldSafe YesYesYes (transferrable to buyer)Yes (transferrable to buyer)Yes
Sewer Guard YesYes (transferrable to buyer)Yes
90 Day Limited Home Warranty YesYes
120 Day Limited Home Warranty Yes (transferrable to buyer)Yes (transferrable to buyer)Yes
Recall check of all appliances YesYesYes (transferrable to buyer)Yes (transferrable to buyer)Yes
We’ll Buy Your Home Back Guarantee YesYes
Permit report (when available) Yes
Optional add-ons:Let F.P.D. help you evaluate your
future home. Our licensed home inspectors will perform a thorough inspection so you know what you are getting yourself into.
This inspection puts the seller in control. Our thorough inspection will point out issues that might be helpful to fix before you list the home. A pre-listing inspection will put any buyer at ease which will result in a smoother transaction.Don’t let your builder off the hook. Find out what is wrong with your home before your builder’s warranty expires. Missing insulation, moisture problems and missing shingles are common issues with new homes.
Mold / IR
Pool & Spa
Wind mitigation