Service Descriptions

  1. Premium Home Inspection: A full home inspection that covers everything structural from the roof to the foundation. With this inspection you will be made aware of the state of the home that you wish to purchase. Spare yourself from a possible nasty surprise after closing by purchasing this service.
  2. Infrared Scan, Inside and Out: A scan of the entire home with our infrared camera to look for thermal anomalies not visible to the naked eye. Thermal anomalies can be caused by missing insulation or leaks and could suggest more serious problems such as water damage or microbial growth.
  3. 5 Year Platinum Roof Leak Protection Plan: An insurance policy against leaks in your roof that lasts for 5 whole years. This can come in handy in a stormy state like Florida!
  4. Visual Mold Screening: A visual inspection that checks for evidence of microbial growth.
  5. Homeowners Resource Membership: Free technical support for life, for all your home related questions.
  6. Mold Safe: An insurance policy against microbial growth found in the home after the inspection has been completed. Lasts for 90 days.
  7. Sewer Guard: An insurance policy against sewer and main water line problems found in the home after the inspection. Lasts for 90 days.
  8. 90 Day Limited Home Warranty: A limited structural and mechanical warranty for the buyer.
  9. 120 Day Limited Home Warranty: A limited structural and mechanical warranty for the seller.
  10. Recall check of all appliances: A recall inspection, that checks for active recalls on any of the appliances in the home. If recalls are found the owner is entitled to a free repair or replacement by the manufacturer.
  11. Permit Report (When Available): A report that gathers all the building permits available for the home in one place.
  12. WDO: WDO stands for Wood Destroying Organism. This is an inspection to check for evidence of termites, carpenter bees, wood rot, and other forms of WDO.
  13. Mold/IR: This inspection checks for evidence of microbial growth by using air samples in conjunction with the infrared camera. We use the infrared camera because microbial growth needs moisture to grow and the IR can show us moisture invisible to the naked eye.
  14. Pool & Spa: This inspection checks the state of the pool on the property and all of it's filter components, as well as the enclosing surrounding it.
  15. 4-Point: This is an inspection sometimes required by the home insurance company before they insure the home. It covers the 4 main components of the home; HVAC, plumbing, electrical and roof.
  16. Wind Mitigation: An optional insurance inspection that tells the insurance company how well the home can withstand hurricane force winds. If your home preforms well, you could save up to 45% on your home owners insurance!